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September 27 - October 5, 2024
Robeson County Fair
Sep 27 - Oct 5
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Fair Forms
Listed below are the various forms and flyers for competitive events, animal shows, and other misc events.

If you are looking for vendor information please click the box below.

Vendor Info

We are excited this year to offer an online registration system for Home Exhibits, animals, and 4-H animal shows.  If you create an account and register online you will be able to come in during drop off times, give your name, check in your items, and your tags will be printed and attached.  If online is not your thing, don't worry.  Our volunteers will be on hand to help you register when you stop by. 
Home Exhibit drop off will be Sunday, September 24 from 1-6 pm; Monday-Wednesday, September 25-27 from 4-8 pm.  
Animal Drop off is Saturday, September 30, from 8:30-11 am.

Fair Entry Online Registration

Below is the link to register for the 4-H Poultry Judging Contest.  This is an online registration seperate from Fair Entry this year.  The competition will take place Thursday, October 5 beginning at 2 pm at the Livestock Building.

4-H Poultry Judging Registration

Animal Show Forms

4-H Heifer and Steer Shows (8/1/2023)
Information about the Heifer and Steer Shows for 4-H
4-H Lamb Show (8/1/2023)
Information on the 4-H Lamb Show
4-H Meat Goat Shows (8/1/2023)
Information on the showmanship and market 4-H Shows
4-H Poultry Judging Rules (8/1/2023)
Information on the 4-H poultry judging compeitition
4-H Poultry Shows (8/1/2023)
Information on the 4-H laying hen, broiler, and turkey shows
4-H Rabbit Show (8/1/2023)
Information on the 4-H Rabbit Show
Adult/Youth Breeding Goat Shows (8/1/2023)
Information on the adult/youth breeding goat shows
FAQs About 4-H Livestock Shows (8/1/2023)
Questions and answers on 4-H and Livestock Shows
Livestock Show Schedule (8/1/2023)
Schedule of events in the Livestock Building

Competition & Misc Forms

Cheerleading Contest (9/14/2023)
Information and registration for the cheerleading contests
Chicken Bog Contest (9/14/2023)
Information and registration for the 2023 chicken bog contest
Chicken Picken Contest (9/14/2023)
2023 Chicken Picken' Contest Rules and Registration
Growing A Giant Sunflower Information (8/1/2023)
2022 Growing A Giant Sunflower Information
Home Exhibit Categories (9/14/2023)
This is a list of all the home exhibit catergories people can enter under.
Home Exhibit Form (8/1/2023)
2023 Home Exhibit Form. Competitive art, garden, plant, flower, baking, knitting, canning crafting, etc. entries.
King Arthur Baking Contest (9/14/2023)
King Arthur Baking contest rules and registration for 2023
Military Wall of Honor (9/14/2023)
Information on how to submit photos for the military wall of honor
Robeson County Fair Invitational Step Show (8/2/2023)
This is the informational flyer about the Robeson County Fair Invitational Step Show.
Youth Pumpkin Contest (9/14/2023)
Information on the youth pumpkin decorating contest
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