2011 Fair Dates:  October 3 - October 11
Fairgrounds Got A Facelift
Fairgrounds Got A Facelift
Published by the Robesonian9/14/2011

By: Kerrie Roach

The Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair is just a few weeks away! Greasy fair food, livestock shows, cooking contests, talent performances, commercial vendors, and hundreds more activities await you at the gate to the Robeson County Fairgrounds. For many years, the Robeson County Extension master gardener volunteers have participated at the fair with a sizeable exhibit. This year shall be no different.
The Robeson County Extension master gardeners will be creating a garden scene with the theme of Mother Nature at Work. Located in the Al Parnell Home Exhibits Building, the master gardeners’ exhibit will include a water feature, raised bed planters, bird, bat, and butterfly houses, scarecrows, and much more. The Robeson County Extension master gardener volunteers will be available each day to answer any horticulture questions. Look for the red and white name tag or hunter green polo shirt if you are in need of assistance by a master gardener at the fair.
In addition to the normal educational exhibit, the Robeson County Extension master gardener volunteers designed a few areas of permanent landscaping on the fairgrounds. The landscaping has not only improved the aesthetic value of the grounds, but it is providing shade, resting areas, and a great opportunity for education.
In the design process for the fairgrounds, three main concerns were kept at the forefront of all decisions: drought tolerance, sun/shade requirements, and maintenance requirements. Working with Nursery South, His & Her Greenhouse, and Click’s Nursery & Greenhouse, the master gardeners decided on crepemyrtles, fountain grass, and lantana as the major plant material. Varieties of each were chosen to meet the aforementioned concerns.
In utilizing proper plant selection and soil preparation the master gardeners were thinking ahead to water conservation. Since last year’s planting day, very few specimens had to be removed from the landscape because they did not fare well in the harsh winter or summer drought. Planning and selection have made for a beautiful and low maintenance landscape.
So as you walk through the gates of the Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair on N.C. 41 South just outside of Lumberton from Sept. 30 through Oct. 8, remember to take a look at the Robeson County Extension master gardener volunteers handiwork. Once you have checked out the landscaping, mosey on over to the Al Parnell Home Exhibit Building and peruse the Robeson County Extension master gardener volunteers’ backyard exhibit. Seek out a master gardener volunteer and start a conversation. Gardening is an art that each and every one of us can enjoy with a little patience and guidance.
If you have any questions about the Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair, please call the fair office at (910) 738-2126.
If you have any question, comments, or ideas about the Robeson County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers, please contact me, Kerrie Roach, horticultural Extension agent, at North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Robeson County Center, at (910) 671-3276 or by e-mail at Kerrie_Roach@ncsu.edu or visit North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Robeson County Center’s website at Robeson.ces.ncsu.edu.

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