2011 Fair Dates:  October 3 - October 11
Super Chain Saws to Compete at Fair
Super Chain Saws to Compete at Fair

By: Mark Moses

Do you remember the last time you used an axe to cut firewood? You were probably looking for a little more power so how about a chain saw? If you have ever cut firewood you have a good appreciation for what a chain saw can do. At the Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair we will give you a whole new appreciation for the skill it takes to run a chain saw and what you can do with it.
As part of the 66th Annual Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair, Lumber River Electric Membership Cooperation of Red Springs is proud to sponsor the popular Chain Saw Cutting Contest which will be held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday night, October 3rd, in the grandstand area. Tom Taylor is the event coordinator.
Now, these are not just the average chain saws that are used to trim limbs or cut small pieces of firewood. These are super-duper, high-power, loud, and powerful chain saws that are used just for competition. Only a very few individuals in the county are properly trained and have the skills to operate these saws. But even though there are only a few of them, the competition is fierce.
Those wishing to compete in the Chain Saw Cutting Contest should preregister at The Bargain House, 1403 East 5th Street in Lumberton. Trophies or plaques will be awarded for first and second places in nine different classes of chain saws, including Tomís Open Class.
If you are not one of the special individuals that own and are capable of operating one of these chain saws, you should at least make plans to watch this competition. As you watch, don't blink your eyes. Tree logs larger than a person will be cut in two in less than 2 seconds. The skill a person can show in that small amount of time will amaze you. You could say they have cutting edge talent.

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