2011 Fair Dates:  October 3 - October 11
Best Legs Compeitition Kicks off a Smooth Night
Best Legs Compeitition Kicks off a Smooth Night

By: Mark Moses

Have you ever been told that you have great legs? Do you know somebody that has great legs? How about this, do you know somebody that you would like to know if they have great legs? If you said yes to any of these questions, do we have the competition for you!
The Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair will again feature a Best Legs Competition on the night of Wednesday, October 3. This contest is sponsored by Kayser-Roth, the maker of No Nonsense and other designer pantyhose. The contest is good clean, simple fun, but is also designed to benefit Robeson County United Way as well.
Anyone wishing to enter this contest should pre-register before Wednesday, September 26 by calling Devon Hunt at 910-739-8111 or you can register by filling out the registration form found online at www.robesoncountyfair.com or in the fairbook. Registration will be taken up until the contest begins. The contest will be held on the Midway Stage beginning at 8:00 pm on Wednesday, October 3. If you do not pre-register you may still enter the contest when you come to the fair, but will not be provided free admission. All money collected from entry fees will be donated to United Way.
Everyone that pre-registers will get a free pass to the fair, and will receive 2 pairs of No Nonsense hosiery valued at more than $10 that must be worn for the contest. There will be one category for men, and four categories for women ages 18-29, ages 30-49, ages 50-64; and age 65 and up. The winners of each category will receive a trophy and $200 worth of No Nonsense products. Contestants will be judged on stage and behind a curtain with only their legs being seen by the judges.
Come let's have fun at the Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair. Challenge your friends to see who has the best legs. Convince your girl friend or wife to enter so she can show everyone how beautiful her legs are. Make your boy friend or husband enter so you can support United Way, and you may be surprised how beautiful his legs really are.
This is one contest where you can really kick up your heels.

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