2011 Fair Dates:  October 3 - October 11
Showing Spirit At the Fair
Showing Spirit At the Fair

By: Mark Moses

We got spirit!
Yes, we do!
We’ve got spirit!
How about you???

There’s always a good chance fairgoers may here that cheerleading chant this year at the Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair when the annual cheerleading contests take place.
Sponsored by Lumbee River Electrical Membership Corporation, the Robeson County Parks and Recreation Department and Robeson County Commissioner Tom Taylor, the two-day contest starts off with cheerleading squads from middle schools, junior varsity and varsity on Monday, October 1st, followed by the fifth and sixth grade competition on the following day, Tuesday, October 2nd.
“This competition truly recognizes the special talent we have throughout our county,” said Wendy Chavis, director of the Robeson County Parks and Recreation Department. “Much like many other team sports, cheerleading involves athleticism along with dedication in which schools show this with lots of excitement that can be heard all over the grandstand area at the Robeson County Regional Agricultural Fair.”
Each squad from the middle, junior varsity and varsity schools performing a cheer, chant, and dance combo that should not exceed more than two and half minutes. Team trophies will be awarded to the first place team with individual trophies in each of the three divisions. Second place teams will receive a team trophy.
As for the fifth and sixth grade competition, team trophies will be given to the first, second and third place winners with the routine limited to two and half minutes or less. Music can be incorporated in the routine along with cheers and props can be used. “Our 5th and 6th grade competition, which is sponsored by the Robeson County Recreation Department along with Tom Taylor, teaches hard work and dedication,” added Ms. Chavis. “Our youth along with our volunteer coaches practice really hard to get ready for the fair. This is always an exciting night and the girls really look forward to this wonderful event. It makes us proud to know that our office sponsors such a spectacular event in the county.”
For additional information, contact Rudy Paul or Wendy Chavis, contest coordinators at (910) 671-3090. Registration forms can be printed by going online to www.robesoncountyfair.com, or can be found in the Robeson County Fair book that can be picked up at Wilson Automotive in Lumberton, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, or the fairgrounds.

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