2011 Fair Dates:  October 3 - October 11
Let's Be Fair About It
Let's Be Fair About It
Published on the Robeson County 4-H Blog10/8/2011

By: Shea Ann DeJarnette

The Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair is a great place for 4-H and North Carolina Cooperative Extension to showcase our agricultural roots as well as the impact of research of the land grant universities on the present and future generations. With agriculture being the number one economic indicator in the county and Extension working with people across our county to improve the health and well being, local food system, and future of our citizens here, what a better place to highlight those accomplishments than at the Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair. The fair is the largest event in the county drawing people from across the state.
This year there were a variety of areas where you could see extension, including some newly made posters to highlight the history of the organization. Through the bee keepers association display, Master Gardener association display, and the 4-H clover, activities, and members all over the fairgrounds, you can see the strong partnership between the fair and Cooperative Extension.
In the 4-H fair booths this year competition was stiff. We had 13 booths set up in our area and a ton of competition between the clubs. With the theme of "4-H is..." our clubs had the opportunity to highlight what they are doing and educate others. Just for setting up the booth our clubs received money that will go be used to support their club activities. This year Spiritual Generations, Voices in Praise, Young Leaders, Inspirational Youth Leaders, United We Stand, Dirty Dozen, Dirty Rascals, Horsin' Around, and the St. Paul's 4-H Pony club from Robeson County set up their fair booths. Although there was a lot of hard work on behalf of the members and volunteers on each of their booths and a little trash talk between the volunteers, overall everyone pitched in to help each other and set out a great display of the diversity of 4-H projects going on in our community. When it was said and done the Dirty Rascal Junior Master Gardener Club ended up with second place while the Dirty Dozen Shooting Sports ended up with First place and best in show. The area with the fair booths also highlighted the impacts of 4-H over the years and showed the focuses of 4-H now.
Also highlighted this year were youth in our 4-H animal science shows that took place the week of the fair. Our 4-H members also entered a variety of items in the home exhibit section from artwork and photos to crops, canning, and crafts. We had several members who participated in the youth events including the Fair Pageant, step show, three point shoot out, cheer leading contest, talent show, chicken bog cooking contest and steak cook off. Although the fair for 2011 has wound down consider entering the fair next year. the dates for the 2012 Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair are September 28-October 6. For more information about the fair please check the website at www.robesoncountyfair.com.

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