2011 Fair Dates:  October 3 - October 11
Let's Talk Turkey
Let's Talk Turkey
Published on the Robeson County 4-H Blog10/4/2011

By: Shea Ann DeJarnette

No one laid an egg at this competition, but we all did learn a great deal. For example did you know it is possible to give a turkey a bath and even blow dry it? There is always a first time for everything at the Robeson County Fair and this year that was our first.
We started the poultry show with our laying hens. First up was Lee Pate in our cloverbud age division. The purpose of the show is to allow youth to be comfortable showing their birds, answering questions and seeing who raises the best bird. In the cloverbud division it is all about trying something new and learning. This was Lee's first show and being that it was noncompetitive he received a trophy and cash award for his hard work. In the Junior Division, which is made up of youth between the ages of 9-13 we had two competitors. Justin Lowry took home the red ribbon while Benjamin Herndon was able to take home the blue.
From laying hens we moved on to broilers. Broilers are meat chickens versus laying hens which are raised to lay eggs. Lee Pate raised a great broiler chicken in which he was able to once again receive a trophy and cash award. Benjamin Herndon was our only other competitor and placed first with his broiler.
From there it was time to talk turkey. That's right we had a turkey show. Benjamin Herndon is the first to raise a turkey for Robeson County 4-H in more than 5 years. His turkey, which weighed about 35 pounds was checked by the judge, Robbie Mills, who seemed rather impressed with Benjamin's efforts. Benjamin received first place for his turkey and a cash award. Also because turkeys can not go home due to biohazzard issues, he received premium money for his efforts.

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