2011 Fair Dates:  October 3 - October 11
Those Wasically Wabbits
Those Wasically Wabbits
Published on the Robeson County 4-H Blog10/3/2011

By: Shea Ann DeJarnette

Traditionally the first Monday of the Robeson County Fair you can see 4-H members hopping to it in the livestock building to show their rabbits. The 4-H rabbit project is part of the animal science program. This year 13 youth raised rabbits and 7 showed off how hard they had worked by bringing their rabbits to the fair.

According to our rabbit judge Glen Privette the hard work was evident. In years past Glenn has said his job was not so difficult because of the range in quality of the rabbits. This year however he said he definitely earned his check because picking between a first and second was really difficult. He said in several cases it came down to how clean their paws were, thus how clean each competitor kept their rabbit pen.

Up first in the show was the cloverbud division. These are our 5 to 8 year olds who show non-competitively. This year only one cloverbud showed at the fair. Maggie Underwood with her rabbit, Mr. Lucky Brown Spots entered the ring (with a little help from one of our 4-H volunteers) for her first ever show. She and the judge talked about Mr. Lucky Brown Spots, she held him in place, petted him and the judge looked him all over and congratulated her, with a trophy for a job well done.

In the Junior 9-10 year old division it was a head to head battle between Buttercup, Tierra Locklear's rabbit and Maxine, Elizabeth's Albright's rabbit. Both girls entered the ring showing poise and control of their animals. It was obvious that both rabbits were used to being handled and they were wonderful little bunnies for the judge. After going back and forth several times, checking for things like ear mites, fur condition, and size the judge asked both girls some questions. Then he was back to the rabbits again trying to determine a winner. It took him several minutes of back and forth to declare Tierra Locklear and Buttercup the first place winners while Elizabeth and Maxine took second.

In the Junior 11-13 age division it was a whiskers difference between each of the competitors. Three young ladies with their rabbits took to the ring for this age category. Terri Lowery and Pepper, Brionna Locklear and Old Yellow, and Destinee Lowry with Flower heated up the show ring even more. After several minutes of examining rabbits, talking with the competitors, and even the rabbits the judge looked at our 4-H Agent and said, "This is another really good group of rabbits and you are making it tough on me this year. I wish I could give them all blue ribbons." Alas he was forced to place these three and finally was able to determine that Terri Lowry with Pepper would take home the blue ribbon, Destinee Lowry and Flower would take home the red, while Brionna Locklear would walk away with white.

After such a tough division it was a pleasure to move on to the last age category, the Seniors who are between the ages of 14 and 18 years old. Anthony Bullard entered the ring with a black and white rabbit, that we kid you not, had a Mohawk. The rabbit did not have a name but during this part of the show Livestock Agent Michelle Shooter determined that we should call the rabbit Oreo, and we think it will stick with her. Anthony and the judge talked all things rabbit, the judge looked Oreo up and down and declared Anthony the blue ribbon winner.

It was an exciting night for everyone as they took a group photo then collected their winnings. Congratulations to all our youth for their hard work. Tomorrow night at the Robeson County Fair will be the hog show starting at 7 pm in the livestock building.

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