2011 Fair Dates:  October 3 - October 11
Who's the Fairest of them All?
Who's the Fairest of them All?
Published on the Robeson County 4-H Blog9/30/2011

By: Shea Ann DeJarnette

Today marks the opening of the 66th annual Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair. It also marks the unveiling of all the hard work our 4-H members and volunteers have done with the club fair booths. Over the last few years there has been increased competition in this wonderful fundraising opportunity for our clubs. This year there were 13 booths in the 4-H area that answered the question...."4-H is...?". For each of our clubs 4-H is a little something different, which is hard for some people to understand. You see the concept of cows and cooking still are strong images when people see the clover. However I think our clubs did their best to illustrate the different attributes of 4-H.
This year the clubs that set up booths included: Bladen Ambassadors, Dirty Dozen 4-H Shooting Sports Club, Dirty Rascals Junior Master Gardener 4-H Club, Horsin' Around 4-H Horse Club, Inspirational Youth Leaders, Spiritual Generations, St. Paul's 4-H Pony Club, Super Clovers, United We Stand, Voices in Praise 4-H club, and Young Leaders. Over the past few years the fair booths have gotten very competitive. While it is a good spirited competition we must admit that that the creativity and quality of the booths has really increased as well. "I would say several of these booths are state fair quality booths," said Cathy Graham the Robeson County Extension Director. That is one of the things that made it hard for our judge this year. He spent more time trying to determine a winner in the 4-H booths than the other two areas combined. He narrowed it down to three, then two. Then he judged all the booths and came back to put on the ribbon for the best overall booth. When it was said and done the Dirty Rascals Junior Master gardener 4-H Club took second place for their thriller, spiller filler booth while the Dirty Dozen 4-H Shooting Sports Club took first and best overall for their fired up on safety booth.
St. Paul's and the Lumber River Federation FFA booths also took first and second in the FFA division. Congratulations to all of our booth winners at the fair!

Booths aren't the only place to see 4-H members at the fair. You can see some of their handiwork as part of the crafts, crops and art exhibits. Starting Saturday you will be able to see their hard work at the fair for those who raised animals. 4-H Animal check in starts at 8 am in the livestock building. Our first 4-H show of the season will begin at 2 pm.

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