2011 Fair Dates:  October 3 - October 11
The Aroma of Foods at the County Fair
The Aroma of Foods at the County Fair

By: Everett Davis

After passing through the gates at the Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair the first thing most people notice is the aroma of carnival foods. Few foods smell more inviting than those typically associated with carnivals and county fairs.

The Robesonian has been a long time sponsor of the Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair and for many years has been responsible for publishing the premium book. This book recognizes the major sponsors of the fair, provides a complete daily schedule, outlines the rules and regulations for all contests, and provides detailed information about how to enter animals in the livestock shows and items in home exhibit.

Knowing how local fairgoers look forward to enjoying the foods at the fair, The Robesonian decided to provide a teaser with this year’s premium book. By gently scratching the front page of the premium book the aroma of cotton candy is released. Simply holding the premium book will make one become excited about the upcoming county fair, and all the delicious foods that will be available.

Premium books are available at the O. P. Owens Agriculture Center and the Robeson County Fairgrounds. Individuals are encouraged to pick up one of the books especially for detailed information about home exhibits. The county fair is a great place to show off your special skills, your green thumb, or your delicious creations. In addition to the pride of winning a ribbon, those that exhibit their items can earn prize money as well. Each year the fair provides over $24,000 for prize money for home exhibits, livestock shows, and the various contests that are held during the week of the fair.

The 2012 Robeson Regional Agricultural Fair will be held Friday, September 28 through Saturday, October 6 at the Robeson County Fairgrounds. Come smell the fair.

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